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for Humanity


A unique water soluble salt of (-) HCA for weight control


An aerosol spray for control of indoor allergens


An eco friendly water soluble bio-insecticide from Neem


Management of plant pathogenic fungi in organic farming

Jaivik Shakthi

A scientifically composted organic manure with enriched micronutients


CARIE-CARE is an enzyme based gel formulation for non invasive


Unique, Ultrapure Azadirachtin Technical...

plant molecular biology, dental caries removal, organic disease management, water soluble bio insectcide, botanical plant protactant
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Carie Care

A product developed after a decade of cutting edge science supported by clinical research by clinicians in multiple dental college. It has half a dozen international publications and three MDS thesis to support its claims. It can remove the Dental Caries withou Pain in efficient and safe manner.

No drill or local anesthesia required.

For more details please attend Dentistry 2016 conference.

Dr. Rachna Thakur will talk on "Carie Care - Clinician perspective of this innovative CMCR system" on Sunday, 4th September 2016 from 12:40PM to 1:20PM.

Dr. Rachna Thakur

For enquires, write to

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