State of the art infrastructure organized in about 2000-sqft. lab area, with all advanced facilities for applied research in this field. Major facilities cover areas like Molecular biology, tissue culture, and Enzyme technology and protein purification.


The fermentation facility houses totally automated lab scale fermentors of 5 and 10 L working capacity powered by advanced fermentation software and associated down stream processing equipments, like cell seperator, Ultra filtration system etc.

Chemical Sciences


The centre has an advanced analytical division catering the requirements of both biotechnology and chemical sciences. Key equipments are HPLCs, FPLC, FT-IR, GC-MS, Polarimeter, Scintillation counter, Ultracentrifuge, UV-Visible spectrophotometers, Inverted microscope, Phast system and gel documenter.

Biopesticides and Fly lab

The biopesticide screening facility is equipped with a insect culture and new molecule identification set up. A Drosophila lab has recently been added to this facility to study target sites and mode of action of novel bioactive molecules in the fly system.

Pilot plant

Commercially feasible processes developed in the lab are taken up here for process development and scale up. Center has a flexible pilot plant which can be adapted to different scenarios. The major facilities include following sections:

Reactors/Stirrers/ pumps
Filtration – Basket centrifuge, Filter press, Nutsche filter
Drying – Fluidised bed dryer, Tray dryer
Distillation assembly (all glass)
Ion exchange columns


For the purpose of carrying out jobs of extensive computational load, the Bioinformatics Lab is equipped with the latest, high end computing facility.

High Performance Computing Cluster
High end server with QuadCore processor
Workstation for visualizing High end graphics