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Soluneem Listed on OMRI

Soluneem on OMRI list

Soluneem: OMRI listed product!

It is a great moment to announce that our flagship Neem derived Bio-pesticide, Soluneem has been listed on prestigious OMRI list.

Link to - OMRI site

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Promotion of WonderGel


WonderGel got coverage in leading Newspapers of the day


If you have shied away from indoor gardening because of the cleanliness factor, itís time you said hello to plant gel - a wonder soil of sorts that comes with all the goodness of natural earth, minus the hassles, write Dr Anil Kush and Sameer Wadhwa.

Promotion of WonderGel - India Today (2 June 2015)

Promotion of WonderGel - Deccan Herald (29 May 2015)

Showcase - VMSRF

Event: "Building Bridges" on 4th July 2008

Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation (VMSRF) is a premier Research Centre with a 20-year track-record in globally competitive R&D with its foci in the Life Sciences, Biotech & Synthetic Chemistry. This reputed R&D centre has made notable contributions to global Medicine, Health-Care, Human & Animal Nutrition, Agri-biotech & Organic Farming and Environmental sciences. We are organizing "Showcase-VMSRF" to "reach-out" to and build stronger bridges with existing AND potential partners for technology transfer, IPR sharing, product development, sponsored research AND incubation of Tech-Biz entrepreneurs. VMSRF will review with you what has been achieved in the past two decades with your cooperation & support.

We cordially invite to grace the occasion and contribute actively to the professional interactions. We are confident that we can develop synergies with you & your organization. VMSRF certainly feels it has value to offer to your organization.

Before the "Showcase-VMSRF" VMSRF would pay homage to the memory of Late Dr Kris Venkat, a friend of ours, a great mentor, friend, philosopher & guide to hundreds of 'Life Sciences/Biotech' technopreneurs across the globe since the early seventies. The memorial to this noble soul will be from 9.30am to 10.00am.

Please be at VMSRF (K.R.Road, next of KIMS Med College) on 4th July, the Friday for a relaxed one day's session from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. Please do confirm your participation either on line at, or at 26611664 (ext. 102). Contact person Ms Suma at above number. We greatly value your participation.

RSVP: Suma, Kaushik Hatti, Rajendra Hegde.

VMSRF's Bio-insecticide gets US EPA Registration

SoluNeemTM- the patented neem based bio-insecticide developed at Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation has received approval from United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA). EPA is the highest authority in the states regulating the usage of pesticides and chemicals. The approval, which was granted on 15th of December, 2006, is an important milestone achievement for VMSRF, after many years of research on the chemistry of neem.

With this official approval, SoluNeemTM can now enterthe USA market as an organic crop protection input. The boom of organic agriculture and consumer awareness about the perils of uncontrolled usage of pesticides & synthetic fertilizers is demanding new dimensions in crop management.

Committed to the wellness of society, VMSRF has been researching on developing packages and practices for organic farming in the pilot plot at Kunigal. Over last few years many vegetables crops has been successfully grown in this organic certified farmland, under scientific supervision, without using any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These organic vegetables have been shown to superior in nutritional values and had better marketability. It has been a demonstration plot for many international & national visitors

SoluNeemTM is completely natural and is the world's first water soluble neem based bio-insecticide. Active over 500 species of insect pests, it has unique multifaceted mode of action preventing resistance build up. It is biodegradable and does not leave any residue in the produces or land. Toxicological studies conducted at IIBAT, a GLP certified lab in Chennai, has proven its safety towards humans, pets and beneficial organisms in agriculture. All these data were critically analyzed and scrutinized by EPA for granting this approval.

In addition to agricultural use, SoluNeemTM could also serve as a stabilized, standard input for cosmetics and vet care products based on neem. VMSRF is now exploring tie-ups / joint venture developments for manufacturing and marketing SoluNeemTM in India and overseas countries. SoluNeemTM is unique among the neem insecticides as it is water soluble, highly stable powder formulation with 6% Azdirachtin content.

10th Hands-on workshop on Applied Bioinformatics Event: Nov 8th, 2008

Committed to our vision "Science for Humanity" and in continuation with our earlier programs, we now announce the 10th Hands-on workshop on Applied Bioinformatics.


Molecular level interactions form the basis of life, determining the sub cellular events and response to the environment. Understanding, analyzing & visualizing these interactions is crucial to further exploration & translating it into applied research. Various in silico tools are available to explore these nanoworlds, quantify or predict the probable type of interactions and to correlate to macroscopic observations.

Program coverage:

The program gives a focused coverage & exposure to time tested, proven-effective in silico tools for analysis and exploration of real life scientific problems in drug discovery & MOA studies. It will have a series of theoretical aspects, software guidelines and online case studies for an in-depth understanding of protein-ligand interactions. The problems selected for case studies have current relevance and real life value in wet lab research (Oncology). Hence this will be an ideal platform for enthusiastics to expand their knowledge & skill sets in the field of bioinformatics. We ensure that the participants would be easily able to self-explore these tools by the end of the program


Case studies with relevant wet lab problems (Drug discovery) on world class software.

Who can attend?

Students/Faculties in Biotech/Bioinformatics/Pharma domain, with some prior knowledge on Linux/Unix, and the basics of bioinformatics.


Mr. Prashanth (M:9964282970)


One day


Limited seats (25) per batch

Last date for Registration:

5th Nov, 2008

How it will be?

To have a look at the snapshots of our earlier programs please visit
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For more information & Brochure:

Please write to with subject line as "Applied Bioinformatics- Enquiry"