Ticks off

Botanical solution for Ticks Menace on Animals

Ticks the menace

Ticks, the horrible ectoparasites on animals, feed on the blood of different types of animals, especially the mammals. They are also vectors of certain diseases leading to severe health problems in animals. Even a single tick can cause paralysis by injecting its saliva into its host in the feeding process. They are proved to be vectors few serious diseases on humans as well. Ticks of major economic importance include Boophilus, Rhipicephalus, Hyalomma, (Class:Acari) etc.

Management of ticks on cattles has always been a difficult and sensitive issue as the application has to be done directly on the dumb animals. Currently used Acaricides include synthetic Pyretheroids, organo phosphates and formamidine derivatives and arsenical solutions. They are all toxic to animals as well the environment and ticks easily develop resistance to them.

Natural Green Way out

Plant oils were traditionally used in India to manage ticks on different domestic animals. Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation (VMSRF), Bangalore did extensive work in the recent past to develop a botanical based formulation to use against ticks on animals using the indigenous technical knowledge base of farmers rearing animals in rural India.

Ticks Off is a plant origin acaricide developed by VMSRF, exclusively to manage the ticks infesting cattles. Our studies showed that two surface applications of the oil formulation on the animals, as undiluted or with 1:1 dilution with water applied at 10 days interval for or two months resulted in reducing over 90% of the tick population on cattle. The two applications itself reduced the tick population to about half. No side effects were noticed on the treated animals, though the animals lick on the applied surface.

What it contains

Different select fraction of various natural organic oils with no toxic chemicals added.

Mode of application
  • Take the animal out of cattle shed, onto a hard surface
  • Apply Ticks Off (undiluted if the infestation is very high or 1:1 dilution with water for low to moderate infestation) gently on all parts of the body, using a brush or clean cloth. Target bellies, arm pits and below the legs as ticks stages cling and prefer to feed there.
  • Apply similarly after 10 days
  • Subsequent applications should be based on the density of the ticks on the animal.
  • It is only for topical use.
Developed by

Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation (VMSRF), Bangalore, India.
Precaution: keep it away from the reach of children.


Though the product contains all natural ingredients, manufacturer is not responsible for any unwanted side effects/unforeseen /unexpected results on its use/misuse.